Every letter is a key

         As an artist I strive to touch the illusion of eternity and combines many influences which surrounded me,  when I am  creating my works. Mosaic art is  like planting a tree, because the puzzle is just like a millennial tree, it is something that lasts forever.
        “Every age  has a keyhole to which its eye is pasted. “In my mosaics each letter is a key to the world.Our world is created on the basis of numbers, letters and colours. Big science lies in the letters, so they must be study. The letters are  the keys, the keys are used from ancient  times in many magical rituals and are a key element in heraldry, crests present all  around  the world, because “He who holds the key, he owns the place!”. The  key is also a symbol of power, authority and secret knowledge .
     I decided to use letters, numbers and keys as a symbols in my works because they play an important role in our lives and also  define it. In the mosaics I’ve used two of the most ancient European alphabets: Latin and  Glagolitic.
      The Latin alphabet, also called the Roman alphabet, is the most widely used alphabetic writing today in the world. It occurs on the basis of the alphabet of Cumae, western variety of the Greek, which is occupied and modified by the Etruscans and then the Romans adapted their writing Latin.
       The Glagolitic is the oldest known Slavic alphabet. It was founded by Constantine – Cyril around 862 to 863 for the translation of liturgical books from Greek into Slavic languages ​​(particularly Old, also called Old Slavic language or Old church Slavonic).It Is known for their complex and exotic graphics. The name was not coined until many centuries after its creation, and comes from the Old Slavic glagolъ “utterance” (also the origin of the Slavic name for the letter G). The verb glagoliti means “to speak”.  Most of  the letters have  also numerical meaning, like the Greek letters used in science as mathematical symbols and names of stars.

         To make these works I have used natural materials such as wood, bronze and canvas. The colour of the bronze letters is made of metal with patina.